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"The next few years will be a very exciting time for health in Hull and East Yorkshire and will see the biggest capital investment in health in this region in recent times."
Stephen Greep, Chief Executive, Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust
Hull’s health sector is being transformed, with significant investment in new facilities, establishments and the delivery of patient services.

The local NHS Trust is currently in the middle of a £250m capital investment programme which has already seen the opening of a new Women and Children's Hospital and an Eye Hospital. Also imminent is a £45m investment into cardiac and elective surgery facilities, a £70m Oncology and Haematology Hospital, which will see cancer services revolutionised in Hull and East Yorkshire and a £6m medical research centre.

Hull will also see greater choice and access to healthcare facilities through LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust), a major new government initiative. It will see in excess of £50 million being invested in Hull over the next 20 years to redevelop the city's community healthcare premises, including health centres, clinics, GP surgeries and other community properties.

The pioneering Hull York Medical School (HYMS), a joint venture between the Universities of Hull and York and the NHS, offers the first medicine course in the UK where students' clinical placements are equally divided between hospitals and primary and community care settings. A key aim of HYMS is to have a positive effect on doctor recruitment and healthcare in this region.

The Postgraduate Medical Institute, together with the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust, has identified cancer and cardiovascular disease as key research areas in the region. Hull is a coordinating centre for major international trials investigating new treatments for heart failure.

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