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House prices are over 50% below the national average.
Hull and the surrounding area offers a diverse and impressive range of housing choices, all offering incredible value for money.

City living has burgeoned, with apartments in historic old buildings and sparkling new riverside complexes – all at a much more affordable cost than many other cities – attracting people back to the heart of the city. Georgian townhouses stand proudly in the heart of the old town, and what nicer address can there be than in the heart of ‘the Land of Green Ginger’ at 2nd Star on the Right and Straight on ‘til Morning?

Just a stone’s throw from the city centre, leafy avenues offer more traditional housing in large Victorian properties. Many suburbs are developing a reputation for their bohemian atmosphere attracting people to enjoy the laid back lifestyle with a growth in café bars, delicatessens, boutique shops and arts venues. Waterfront city-villages offer excellent modern family housing from 1-5 bedrooms, just a short walk from work in the city centre.

Beyond the city itself, unspoilt village communities and elegant market towns complement the urban centre. Country life still allows for easy access to the buzzing city, with secluded farmhouses available just 20 minutes from the city centre.

Transport links to other major cities in Yorkshire and the North are excellent, with the M62 joining Hull to Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool. London is accessible in little over 2.5 hours on Hull Trains.

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Cost of Living
House prices in Hull are over 50% below the national average and the quality of life is excellent.

Detached Semi-Detached Terraced Flat
England / Wales average £263,070 £164,640 £134,772 £162,418
North West £255,202 £133,990 £79,090 £124,742
Greater London £554,686 £322,599 £287,624 £282,278
South East £371,194 £211,043 £166,409 £131,771
Hull £159,919 £96,933 £63,010 £71,196
East Riding £216,999 £124,907 £93,956 £85,863
Source: HM Land registry average house price data Dec 2006

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