Living in Hull

“Hull is a sound investment. Everywhere I turn there is talk of regeneration and investment.” Phil Spencer, National property search specialist and television presenter, Relocation Relocation, Channel 4

Hull and its surrounding area is a thriving dynamic location in which to live and work. The city of Hull is undergoing significant changes, which are enhancing facilities in all parts of city life and attracting people to the area from across the region and the UK.

With the aim of becoming a top 10 city, Hull offers an excellent quality of life. Housing choices are extensive, but affordable, ranging from waterfront city apartments to large rural retreats. Hull has many major national and international companies, across all sectors, offering various career opportunities and there are a huge variety of ways to spend your leisure time, from rock concerts at the Kingston Communications Stadium to rock climbing in the surrounding Yorkshire Dales.

Hull is well known to have the best services available. This is why you have a 24 hour plumber available in Hull to fix any leaks or emergencies that you have. There are also many other installation and house redesign services available.