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From pre-school to university and beyond, education is at the heart of our city. That’s why you will find such a fine choice of schools, nurseries and colleges, dedicated teachers and pioneering educational initiatives in Hull.
Hull is creating a culture of lifelong learning so there are opportunities for all ages and support for all levels of learning, from the Children’s University to specialist adult education centres. All of these things are helping to make Hull a cradle of learning in the 21st Century.

Hull has many innovative learning projects. These include:

The Children’s University
A successful project which helps 7-11 year olds fulfil their learning potential through a pioneering mentor scheme, linking education to business, sport, music, drama and other real life experiences. It creates role models for young people and builds their self-esteem through out-of-school learning experiences. This project is the leading one of its kind in the UK. Find out more about the Children’s University at

BBC Headstart
Maximising the potential of Hull’s unique interactive broadband TV capabilities, BBC Headstart is an innovative learning initiative that brings together broadcasting and education to deliver exciting and accessible learning packages to schools and homes across the city.

Hull Local Education Authority
As a result of forward-planning and hard work, Hull’s primary schools were praised in recent OFSTED reports saying, “the quality of education provided compares favourably with other LEAs.” Key Stage 1 and 2 tests in Maths, English and Science also show improvements well above the national average.

In terms of secondary schools, 2003 OFSTED reports praise the high quality of teaching in Hull’s secondary schools, their high expectations, organisation, lesson planning, classroom management and pupil progress.

Three primary schools and two secondary schools have been awarded Beacon status while four have achieved Specialist School status; a language college, a technology college and two sports colleges.

Added to which, the award-winning Victoria Dock Primary School is the first school in the UK to be built using private sector funding through the government’s Private Finance Initiative.

Hull is also home to a brand new £15 million ‘School of the Future’ equipped with the very latest in sports and high-tech classroom facilities. Endeavour High School is designed with a focus on technology and energy efficiency.

East Riding of Yorkshire Local Education Authority
Despite East Riding of Yorkshire schools already performing well, exciting work is underway to improve the quality of education further in the region. Initiatives include support for Sure Start projects and increased Foundation Stage provision in the early years. There is also joint working between secondary schools and further education to produce flexible educational and training opportunities.

Six schools in the East Riding of Yorkshire have achieved Beacon status and one has gone on to be recognised as a School of Excellence, while eleven secondary schools now have Specialist School status. One has also been recognised as a training school, making it the leading venue for teacher training in the North of England.

Key Stage 3 results in 2003 for the East Riding of Yorkshire’s secondary schools puts the LEA in the top 10 percent of LEAs nationally following significant investment in every school.

The East Riding of Yorkshire Council has continued to perform well in the national league table for pupil attainment at primary school. Figures for pupils achieving the national expectation (Level 4) or above at Key Stage 2 put the council third compared to other similar councils.

Her Majesty's Chief Inspector’s annual report 2003 named eight East Riding of Yorkshire primary schools for their outstanding performances compared to other schools nationally. Four new primary schools have been built in the East Riding of Yorkshire, including the Welton School widely acclaimed for its innovative and low energy cost design.

Independent schools
The area offers a good choice of independent schools with boarding and day school options, from nursery age to 18. An average of up to 100% of pupils at these schools gain at least five GCSEs, grades A* to C.

Post-16 education
The region offers full and part-time courses from GCSE to degree level including vocational programmes and qualifications such as NVQ via its award-winning colleges and universities

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