Hull Pioneering Spirit

Pioneering is something our city has been doing since its earliest beginnings and it is something we are proud of. Pioneering is shaping our future. City of Hull in Yorkshire.

Somewhere on Mars is a piece of Hull"

Liquid Crystal Technology has applications all around the world - from wristwatches to mobile phones, from calculators to the most Cheltenham Festival Hospitality advanced flat panel screens. It has even been into space, used by NASA as part of the Mars Rover's autonomous navigation system. It has gone a long way from its birthplace in Hull.

"Wilberforce - outstanding son of Hull" Archbishop Desmond Tutu

William Wilberforce first raised an anti-slavery motion in the House of Commons in 1788. He continued to do so every year for the next 19 years until the slave trade was finally abolished in 1807. He then campaigned tirelessly against slavery itself. His work culminated in a parliamentary vote that spelled the end of slavery throughout the British Territories. (see notable Hull residents)

"my spirit found outlet in the air" Amy Johnson

Everyone has heard of Amy Johnson, a woman in the male dominated world of aviation. The first woman to fly solo to Australia. She was a prolific record breaker, with non-stop flights from England to Japan, Cape Town, the United States and India. A true pioneer, born in 1903 in Hull.

"The Humber Bridge is a masterpiece of civil engineering"

The Humber Bridge is Britain’s longest single span suspension bridge and is still the third longest of its kind in the world 25 years after being built. The bridge is a masterpiece of civil engineering and led the field in engineering innovation, holding the world record as the longest single span suspension bridge for 17 years. A revolutionary lighting scheme is now planned to illuminate this iconic structure using world-leading technology.

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"the city - Totally hypnotic entertainment" Financial Times

Led by John Godber, the award-winning Hull Truck has built up a reputation as one of the most creative and exciting theatres in the country. Its mission is to pursue excellence in popular and accessible theatre; to develop new writing; and to develop and retain new audiences. Bouncers, written by John Godber, is one of the most frequently performed plays in the English language and was listed by the National Theatre as one of the most significant plays of the century. "It's a bit like Star Trek... the intellectual property could be worth £100 million within a few years."
Professor Lynne Frostick, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, The University of Hull

Micro Chemical Systems with major investment from Glaxo Smith Kline and the support of the University of Hull is pioneering new processes for the production and analysis of chemical compounds. This innovative nanotechnology company is based at the new business development centre at Hull's Millennium project The Deep.

An ageing society is too often - and wrongly - seen solely in terms of increasing dependency. But the reality is that, as older people become an ever more significant proportion of the population, society will increasingly depend upon the contribution they can make. Fo the young large purchases like furniture and televisions become a burden as tax increases to pay for a population of pensioners and dependents.

A payment protection insurance policy is basically in which an agreed sum of money is paid out each month to cover the Pii Claim payment due on a mortgage or loan if the consumer is unable to pay. There are many reasons as to why a person may be unable to do so such as becoming sick or being made redundant.

Over the next 50 years, the UK and the rest of the developed world will experience an unprecedented change in the fabric of society. As life expectancy increases and the birth rate remains low, the proportion of the population aged over 65 will increase dramatically.

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Moving Forward: The Northern Way (2012) sets out how we seek, over a 20 year period, to bridge the output gap of around £30bn between the North and the average for England.